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 Hello friends and music lovers, thank you so much for visiting my site.

2017 marks over 4 decades of singing. That time has passed in the blink of an eye and with it many artistic evolutions. The sum of my years as a chanteuse brought me to this point of feeling clear and focused although ironically I had to stand perfectly still musically to get. I took some well-deserved time off from 2011-2013, went back to school and took a philanthropic day job that was more about the community than myself. Now my brain is chia petting with ideas based on a new self-awareness and musical inspiration that has come from looking back with an eye on the future.

Rob Quail, my musical touchstone of 30 years knew I wanted to make another album. He thought that given my love of folk and roots music leaning into blues, I should contact Ken Whiteley about producing. I’ve admired Ken’s vast musical acumen from afar for decades and thought there would be no way he would be interested in producing me. Rob countered with “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. I picked up the phone, Ken and I met and we started writing and collaborating.

On April 8, 2017, “Into The Blue” will debut. Many musical friends including Ken, Ben and Chris Whiteley, Suzie Vinnick, Pat Carey, The Levy Sisters, Victor Bateman, Bucky Berger, Radim Zenkl, John Snowdon and Jimmy Bowskill have consistently humbled me with appreciation having put their touch on these original songs so beautifully.

This CD is about perseverance, keeping the faith, hope and the relationships that inform your life and enrich them.

I found myself waxing nostalgic about my upbringing in rural Nova Scotia, recalling those young years on the streets of Toronto where a small town girl from a town of 900 had to sink or swim musically in a city of millions. The ups and downs and turnarounds that resulted in right , right now struck me as a tapestry, which is what a life is. Like all professions, I found myself coming full circle into these middle years as old friends started to orbit back into my world, my musical comrades of those younger days found their way back on stage with me and it occurred to me that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

It is all about the music, the connection with the audience, and being real. I look forward to sharing my musical diary with all of you on stage and in song. The next few years I want to travel the remaining 40% of the world that my eyes have yet to see with guitar in hand giving it everything I’ve got. I look forward to making many new musical friends along the way. Check out my site for the where and the when and until we meet, may all your blues be the musical kind.  ~ Kim Doolittle


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About KIM

Kim has shared the stage with many famous and infamous people from Jeff Healey to Serena Ryder and Rita MacNeil, and worn many musical hats, finally making herself at home with a sound married in roots blues, folk and a hint of alternative country.

When you ask her what kind of music she plays, she simply says, “Kim Doolittle Music”, leading to the formation of Doo-A-Little Music a decade ago.


It's amazing how you can play music for over 40 years and feel like you are just beginning to get the hang of it.