Welcome!  Thank you so much for dropping by!

I am a Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller, Musician, Wordsmith and Entertainer.

I was born a Musician, did my first paid gig at 10 years of age and my Muse has shown me 60% of the globe, Guitar in hand.

I think I am a “Road Scholar” and I write from those experiences, sharing them through song.

I spent many years in Toronto, playing with fine Musicians and learning the “ropes”.  The competition was like boot camp, and I was schooled by some of the best.

Nine Original recordings and many years later, I have returned to my Native Nova Scotia where I have reconnected with my roots while working on my 10th full studio album called “My New Old Hometown” which wrote itself.

The songs are about coming full circle, back where it all began, the friends, family and music while old roads lead to new musical directions, as always, telling the story of the journey.

I look forward to playing for old friends while making new ones in 2023, Guitar in hand.

See you at the show!